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Joliet Murder Homicide Lawyer

Hire A Top Murder Homicide Attorney Serving Will County, Grundy County & Kankakee County

Attorney Walsh had handled over 25 murder cases. Let his experience and knowledge work for you!

Have you been charged with a murder/ homicide crime? Your entire future literally hangs in the balance. When facing a murder or homicide charge, you want an experienced and aggressive criminal defense Joliet Murder Homicide attorney to protect your interests. Only a top Joliet attorney will be able to protect you from saying something that could be incriminating and help you defend your rights. A murder conviction can result in many years of incarceration and can also make it very difficult for the person to gain employment once he or she are released. To have the best defense possible, one needs the help of an experienced  murder / homicide lawyer. 

Things to consider before hiring a Murder/ Homicide Lawyer

Choosing a criminal defense attorney to mount one’s defense in court can be a life-changing choice. It is important to hire an attorney as quickly as possible that has the skills and experience needed.

  • The first thing to consider when deciding whom to trust is to see their experience. An experienced murder/ homicide attorney who has handled similar cases is better suited for the job.
  • Also consider arranging a consultation with the attorney under consultation before signing a contract and try getting a good idea of what kind of work he or she has done, what trail starters would be recommended etc.
  • Communicating openly about the case strategy and knowledge of the incident with the lawyer is very important. It’s a good idea to trust the judgment of the attorney. 

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If you are facing murder charges, then trust our Law Offices of Daniel M. Walsh, Ltd. to be your defense attorney. We have a lot of experience in handling these cases and offer our clients the best defense possible. Call today – Attorney Walsh can help you defend your rights.

Attorney Dan Walsh