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Joliet Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

It Is  A Mistake To Think Juvenile Crimes Are NOT Serious

When a juvenile has been arrested for a crime, it is important that action be taken as soon as possible to protect their rights. Do not allow your son or daughter to speak to police without your presence and the representation of an attorney. Attorney Daniel M. Walsh can use his years of criminal defense law experience to help your juvenile stand up for their rights after charges have been filed. He is a dedicated advocate for the rights of juveniles and adults, working to see that your rights are defended.  done.

Don’t let a conviction affect your child’s future – take steps toward protecting your child’s rights with the assistance of an experienced defense lawyer.

Some Types Of Juvenile Crimes

Though juveniles can face the same types of criminal charges that adults can, these are some charges that juveniles face most often:

  • Assault
  • Minor in possession
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Underage drinking and driving
  • Vandalism

Whatever the type of charges that the juvenile is facing, it is important that you get legal representation in order to protect the accused. These charges are serious – get help today.

Punishments For Juvenile Crime Charges

Do not assume that the prosecution will simply go easy on your child because he or she has no previous record or did not understand the full nature of his or her actions. The best way to ensure the protection of your child’s rights is to retain a defense attorney who will carefully review the facts of your child’s case, identify possible defenses, and work diligently to protect your child’s freedom, record and future. We are often able to resolve juvenile cases by some form of negotiated agreement with the prosecution.

Protect Your Child’s Future – Contact A Juvenile Defense Attorney

At Law Offices of Daniel M. Walsh our experienced juvenile crime defense attorney can help review your case and determine the best course of action. We work hard to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible given the facts and circumstances of your case. Call today for HELP!

Attorney Dan Walsh