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Domestic Violence Lawyer In Joliet

Domestic Battery | Domestic Violence Attorney Serving Will County, Grundy County & Kankakee County

When a relationship becomes violent, it is always a serious and cause for concern. This is true even when the people in question have no prior relationship. When the individuals in question have an extensive relationship – the circumstances can become even more difficult to navigate.

When physical violence altercation happens within relationship or within a family, the charges involved may be considered domestic violence rather assault or battery. As the name implies, domestic violence is violence that occurs within the home or family. Violence that happens between spouses, partners, or between any people with any kind of family relationship is generally considered domestic violence. This kind of crime can lead to criminal or civil charges – the accused could find themselves facing criminal charges rather than “just” civil ones. This can lead to a criminal record involving serious consequences.

If you have or a loved one has found yourself involved in a domestic violence dispute, your best course of action is to contact a lawyer who understands this area of the law and can work hard to ensure you receive a fair trial and that your rights are upheld. At Law Offices of Daniel M. Walsh, we will do very best to help better your situation, and get the best defense possible. We work closely with our clients to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence under the law has many nuances and charges underneath it. Criminal domestic violence charges tend to focus on physical harm. However, it is not unheard of for criminal charges to be for something other than physical harm. General speaking, criminal charges for domestic violence will be focused upon the presence of physical harm, its severity and type. Criminal domestic violence charges will result in more severe punishment than civil charges. Should you find yourself accused of criminal domestic violence charges – reach out to an experienced attorney right away to get the best defense possible.

Civil Domestic Violence Charges

Civil domestic charges tend to include emotional, sexual, and physical harm. That means that someone facing civil domestic violence charges could be found guilty of a many different kinds of harm, – not just physical harm. Punishment for those found guilty of domestic violence crimes tend to vary from situation to situation, or case by case. However they can results in jail even if the charges are civil in nature.

Domestic Violence Act

The Domestic Violence Act in Illinois that works to cover the punishments associated with domestic violence. It includes violence within the following relationships:

  • Any family members that are related by blood
  • Child and parent or stepparent and child relationships
  • Current or former dating relationships
  • Current or former spouses
  • Elderly or disabled adults and caregivers
  • Former or current roommates
  • Individuals related by blood via a child
  • Parents with a child in common

Violence in any of the above relationships can result in a domestic violence altercation.

Aggravated Domestic Battery and Domestic Battery

If the accused intentionally caused serious (also known as “great”) bodily harm, or if the harm in question resulted in disfigurement or a permanent disability, then the charge can be elevated to that of aggravated domestic battery.

Domestic Violence Penalties

If you are  convicted of domestic violence – the consequences could be long lasting. If children are involved, these kinds of cases and crimes can be especially emotional. Contact an experienced defense lawyer who can provide you with the best defense possible, and can help you review your options.

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At Law Offices of Daniel M. Walsh our experienced attorney can help review your case and determine the best possible defense. We work hard to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome given the situation.

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